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Please note that following the public consultation process, all comments were collated and summarised in a Statement of Community Engagement. This document forms part of our planning application submission, which was validated on 20th August 2019 under reference DC/19/1711/OUT. Please visit the West Suffolk Council Planning Application Portal to view the application material in detail and provide any further comments. Click here

Environment and Sustainability

The principal aim of the proposals is to create a sustainable residential development. This means: maximising accessibility to local services and facilities by means other than the private car; building new homes to the latest environmental standards; providing new and varied areas of public open space, play space; retaining existing wildlife habitats; providing new biodiversity initiatives and delivering new community facilities.


Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure is the term given to a network of multi-functional spaces that can support existing and new wildlife habitats and provide recreational benefits for local people.

It is proposed to focus the new homes around the existing pond and the new area of open space. This area of open space will create a new community facility for both the new and existing homes. Its central location will make it easily accessible for all residents, providing a place for children to play and for parents to meet and socialise.

The existing landscaping will provide an attractive backdrop to the central area of open space, with new landscaping provided to further enhance its character and setting. A new children’s play area is proposed as the focal point to the central area of open space. It is envisaged that the play area will adopt the principles of ‘natural play’, using natural components such as plants, logs, water, sand, boulders and trees. This style of play area will complement the existing landscaping on the site, while providing scope for imaginative play.



A sustainable development will be created, which will include:

  • A vibrant new neighbourhood: New areas of public open space, a children’s play area, new landscaping and a mix of high quality new homes will contribute to creating a new community with a strong sense of place.
  • Affordable housing: 30% of the new properties will be affordable homes, creating new housing opportunities for local people.
  • Retention of existing landscaping: The substantial areas of existing tree planting landscape embankments will be retained. These trees still have many years of growth left and their retention will provide an extremely attractive backdrop for the new homes. Equally, the retention of the trees will protect their existing wildlife value of the Site.
  • Energy efficient buildings: The proposals will meet Central and Local Government targets by ensuring the new homes will comply with the latest building regulations.
  • Water conservation measures: Low water use sanitary facilities and water butts will help minimise water consumption.
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS): Excess surface water run-off during periods of heavy or persistent rain will drain to the existing pond in order to prevent flooding.
  • Improvements to local infrastructure and services: An agreed financial contribution will be made towards the improvement of local infrastructure, such as healthcare and education.