Dear Visitor,

Please note that following the public consultation process, all comments were collated and summarised in a Statement of Community Engagement. This document forms part of our planning application submission, which was validated on 20th August 2019 under reference DC/19/1711/OUT. Please visit the West Suffolk Council Planning Application Portal to view the application material in detail and provide any further comments. Click here

The Need for Housing

Why this site?

Due to the lack of viable commercial interest from potential B1 occupiers, including office and ‘research and development’ uses over the last 8 years, it is now considered that the site presents an ideal opportunity to be developed for housing. The site already has full infrastructure and landscaping in place, which means that it can be quickly brought forward for much needed new market and affordable housing. The need to significantly boost the supply of new housing is a key aspect of Government policy. Therefore, it is important that a sufficient amount and variety of housing land can be brought forward where it will help to meet local demand. The ‘Draft West Suffolk Housing Strategy 2018-2023’ published in October 2018, states that the “West Suffolk councils are committed to increasing the supply, range and quality of housing for our current and future residents”.

What type of housing?

The Site will accommodate a broad mix of house types, ranging in size from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom detached homes. Planning policy requires 30% of the new homes to be affordable, including homes for Social Rent, Affordable Rent and Intermediate (shared ownership) tenures. Jaynic will ensure that affordable homes are provided in line with the council’s planning policy.