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Please note that following the public consultation process, all comments were collated and summarised in a Statement of Community Engagement. This document forms part of our planning application submission, which was validated on 20th August 2019 under reference DC/19/1711/OUT. Please visit the West Suffolk Council Planning Application Portal to view the application material in detail and provide any further comments. Click here

The Site



Topography and Setting

The site lies on the north western edge of the built up area of Haverhill, immediately to the west of Three Counties Way.

Existing housing (The Arboretum development) lies immediately to the east of the site, to the opposite side of Three Counties Way, whilst The Flying Shuttle pub/restaurant and the Colourbox Montessori Nursery lie immediately to the north east the site, on the western side of Three Counties Way.

The two development parcels of the site comprise flat areas of land. The larger southern parcel sits at
a higher level than the smaller northern parcel. The two parcels of land are separated by a landscaped embankment which steps down from the southern parcel to the northern parcel. This area is planted with trees and extends to enclose most of the two parcels of land.

An existing landscaped surface water attenuation pond lies within the eastern part of the site, adjacent to Three Counties Way.

Influences & Opportunities

  • The existing flat development parcels would provide a very good and sustainable location for new housing development.
  • The existing landscaped areas between the parcels of land will be retained to provide an attractive backdrop to the new homes.
  • The opportunity exists to locate new viewing platforms/seating within parts of the landscaped embankments to take advantage of views to the countryside beyond. The location of these viewing areas could correspond with new pedestrian routes running down the slopes.
  • Careful consideration will need to be paid to the relationship between the new homes and nearby properties, including the existing dwellings that back onto the site in Hanchet End and within the Arboretum.

High Quality Design

The Arboretum housing development to the east of Three Counties Way provides a good example of how new homes can be designed in a contemporary manner. The homes utilise a palette of materials, including buff brick, cream and blue painted render, slate tiles, grey pantiles and grey window frames, which combine to create a unified character and a strong sense of place.

8Our proposals for the site masterplan have been design-led in order to create a development that responds to the local character of the site and wider built area, as well as its landscaped setting. The following boards show how we propose to respect local character and provide generous areas of new public open space, play space and landscaping.